• Retrocentric is a very supportive environment, we don’t work with models, we work with everyone and never expect our clients to act as models. This means that we provide posing guidance, we have a full wardrobe room to provide wardrobe and additional items. We have almost every prop imaginable and of course, hair and makeup is provided at no extra charge with all of our packages. We offer you a total experience and one that we hope you will cherish and remember for a long time to come.

  • Our studio consists of an all female team, we do not allow men in our studio while sessions are in progress unless the session contains a husband/boyfriend, etc and we schedule those so no other female clients will be present. Your comfort and privacy is very important to us.

  • Come with clean dry hair, preferable washed the night before. Please do not style. Hair died a few days prior to your session is better than the night before. Come with a clean face, well moisturized, if you have chapped lips, try a lather of chapstick or lip balm the night before.

  • We do have wardrobe available at the studio for clients to use for a small $20 fee.   However, we always suggest that you bring as many items as you can,  in case you do not like what we have to offer, our items range from size XXS – XXXXL, sizes depend on shape really. We have retro and vintage lingerie, stockings, garter belts, girdles, bullet bras, penoir sets, dresses, skirts, vintage swim suits, and more! It is required that you bring a pair of nude, black, and white bra and panties to wear underneath wardrobe items.   If you do know what you will be using the Retrocentric wardrobe, please let us know when booking.

  • Please bring several pair of shoes with you, heels are always best.  We do have a small selection of shoes available, however the sizing is very limited.

  • Don’t forget to shave legs, under arms and bikini area. Remember to have toes and nails painted in a bright red or blush pink. If you regularly get your brows waxed, please do not do so within 24 hours of your session, 3-4 days is usually best.

  • Yes you may. We have a limited selection of jewelry,  so any costume pearls or diamonds you may have are best to bring.

  • It is important that you arrive fresh and ready for your session, a good night sleep is always important, please do not arrive hung over, intoxicated or on any substances (except coffee, coffee is acceptable). Please be sure to eat a meal before arriving and be well hydrated, we want you to feel and look comfortable, and if we offer you a glass of champagne, we do not want you to pass out!

  • We ask that you come with a clean dry, well moisturized face and clean dry hair.  (No makeup or hair styling please.)
    Wear something you would want to be photographed in, a pencil skirt and top, a retro inspired dress, rolled up jeans and a cute top as some examples. You are also welcome to use our wardrobe for an extra $20. (Wardrobe fees are used towards, cleaning, mending and adding to our large wardrobe selection)
  • Retrocentric sessions are non-refundable and non-transferable.  Upon submitting your payment through Paypal, you agree to the terms and conditions for purchasing a session.

    Terms and conditions:

    -Sessions    are    Non-refundable.    

    -Sessions    are    Non-transferable.    

    -Sessions    are    not    confirmed    until    payment    is    received.    

    -Policy    for    needing    to    reschedule    an    appointment:    If    you    need    to    cancel your original appointment date and reschedule    your    appointment,    72    hours    notice    is    required.    If    you do    not    contact    us    via    email,    at    info@retro-centric.com,    72    hours    prior    to    your    session    there    is    a    $45    rescheduling    fee    to    cover    the cost    of    the    stylist    that    was    booked    for    you    session.    

    -Retouched    digital    image    delivery    typically    takes    2-4    weeks    depending    on    the    size    of    the    package,    however    may    exceed    this time    during    peak    seasons.    

    -All    images    are    delivered    digitally    using    Dropbox.com    

    -By    Paying the PayPal invoice for a  session,    you    agree    to    the    terms    and    conditions.

  • Once we have received your PayPal payment for the session, paid through an invoice we send to you, you will receive an appointment confirmation email.  This email states your appointment date and time.  It also contains important information on how to prepare for you session, what to bring, and important digital documents that need to be filled out prior to arrival at the studio.  Until you receive the confirmation email for you appointment, your session is not confirmed.  We also  send out an appointment reminder a few days before your appointment, since we do tend to book 6-8 weeks in advance. 

    When rescheduling an appointment, in our correspondence, we state if a new date has been confirmed.