What is a Boudoir photo?

Historically, the boudoir was part of the private bedchamber of a “lady” or upper-class woman. A Boudoir Photo is a very sensual but classy image where nudity is might be suggested but is not explicit. The photos are especially popular among brides-to-be who often give the pictures to their new husband,  a great anniversary or birthday gift, a fun bachelorette party activity or even a way for any single or married woman to celebrate her beauty for herself.

There are few things as badass and sexy as a woman — thin, thick, small or tall — who loves her body and is daring enough to show a little skin!
-Kelsey Borresen, Huffington Post

Our studio consists of an all female team, we do not allow men in our studio while sessions are in progress unless the session contains a husband/boyfriend, etc and we schedule those so no other female clients will be present. Your comfort and privacy is very important to us. We work with everyone and never expect our clients to act as models. This means that we provide posing guidance, we have a full wardrobe room to provide wardrobe and additional items. We have almost every prop imaginable and hair and makeup is provided at no extra charge with all of our packages. We are experts at making sure you look your best!