Sailor Retro, Founder of Retrocentric

I’m Sailor, the founder of Retrocentric, and I have been involved in Pinup and Retro styling and production for close to 20 years. 292305_3616901468967_142862731_n

Retrocentric was founded in 2008 in New England before I brought it to Cincinnati.

I am a trained hair stylist and make-up artist as well as a set designer and photographer with years of experience in art direction.  I love creating sets that take you back in time and the transformation that goes into every gal that we meet in our studio.

The history and ingenuity of the World War II Era are what inspire me and drive my passion for Pinup.  The strength and determination of women during that time has always impressed me, and the looks are so classic and timeless, I can’t imagine a time when we will look back at the 30’s and 40’s and not feel wooed by the beauty of the styles and fashion of that era.

Retrocentric is the original and only full service Pinup Studio in Cincinnati and the original home of the Pinup Workshop.

We welcome women of any age, shape, color, and walk of life. It has always been important to me that Pinup is approachable to everyone.  This is the foundation of my business model and I believe it’s what makes Retrocentric the place to be for Pinups in the Tri-State area.

I am so excited to share my passion for Pinup with you, if just for a few hours!

xoxo Sailor


Annette Crimmins, Lead Photographer

Hi, I’m Annette.  I became part of the Retrocentric team in January 2015 when Retrocentric was forced toAMC_ANNETTEC_44610-Edit copy closed it’s doors due to a fire.  For two years, I took on Retrocentric in my existing photography studio.  I shared the Pinup passion with Sailor, and she entrusted me with keeping the studio alive; along with the tradition of empowering and uplifting women through the transformation to Pinup until we were able to join forces and created a dynamic power team.

I have been a photographer for 9 years, my genres ranging from seniors, weddings, portrait, sports, architecture, products; but most importantly Pinup photography.  My true passion lies in being to make everyone see the beauty within.  As a friend once told me, our clients are like the pages in a book, we simply highlight what is already there.

I am excited to be part of an amazing team here at Retrocentric.

xo Annette


Bethany Kassen, Studio Manager and Lead Stylist





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