Apex Legends Combats Cheaters And Spammers By Matching Them In Games

The studio behind the free-to-play battle royale extravaganza recently delivered an update on Reddit to let the Apex Legends community know what it’s doing in the un-ending battle against cheaters. There are some interesting new insights in the post that reveal Respawn is making a pretty big difference already.

Respawn revealed that, among other things, it’s using “machine learning to create behavior models that detect and auto ban cheaters” and combating spam accounts before they can even be used by enforcing Two-factor authentication on high-risk accounts in certain regions.

Best of all though, Respawn revealed that it’s actually matching up detected cheaters and spammers so that they have to play against each other in matches, instead of against those normal people who just want to play the game for fun.

Obviously, detecting and banning those players with impure intentions isn’t an exact science, and we’re probably still years away from the day we can say it is – if such a day ever arrives. In the meantime, trapping cheaters and spammers in games with each other so that they’re forced to experience their own form of Apex Legends purgatory is a masterstroke.

The developer signed off by encouraging fans to report any cheaters they come across via this link – and added that while video proof of the player in question doing the dirty isn’t compulsory, it makes the whole process a lot easier for everyone.

Apex Legends recently kicked off its second season of content, which saw new content and massive changers to the map as monstrous Leviathans and Flyers descended on King’s Canyon and caused all kinds of chaos thanks to an EMP attack that caused the tower previously keeping the animals out to collapse, paving the way for some dinosaur themed destruction.